I really enjoy writing about Ecology and entomology, and frequently write for The Department of Educations’ Scan Magazine, The Conversation and have been involved in educational videos, radio interviews and podcast recordings. I have over 100 000 reads on articles written in the Conversation, and have written a mixture of pitched and commissioned articles on a range of topics from bee swarms to TikTok and the Olympics to Floods.

Nearby Nature

One of my great joys, is getting people outside in nature. In collaboration with The Urban Field Naturalist and headspace Bankstown, we create walkshops to encourage people to get outside and do some citizen science

The Conversation

Scan Magazine, Department Education NSW


Podcast chat about Inner West Pollinators

Educational Videos

2020 - What Animals are in your backyard?

Educational video to find out what animals live in your backyard using plasticine caterpillars

Radio interviews

ABC Radio interviews

14th February 2024 - Nationatide, Overnights, Why are bees dying?

27th December 2023 - Nationwide, Overnights, Christmas Beetles

16th November 2023 - Sydney, Mornings, butterfly plagues

31st October 2023 - Nationwide, Overnights, Spooky Insects

1st September 2023 - Sydney, Mornings, Magnificant spiders

28th July 2023 - Sydney, Mornings, Mailing insects

19th July 2023 - Nationwide, Overnights, Top ten insects

13th June 2023 - Nationwide, Overnights, Environments in which insects live

26th April 2023 - Nationwide, Overnights, Entomophagy

14th March 2023 - Nationwide, Overnights, Waggle dances: Nature or Nurture?

7th February 2023 - Nationwide, Overnights, Threatened Species Bake Off

3rd November 2022 - Adelaide, Afternoons, Ask an expert - Why are ants out before it rains

18th October 2022 - Sydney, Termites, Cockroaches and floods

5th April 2022 - Sydney, Millipedes and floods

8th January 2022 - Sydney, Bugs that bite

3rd November 2021 - Sydney, Parasitoid wasps

9th September - Sydney, stingless bees and honey, NSW Statewide broadcast

23rd August 2021 - Sydney, Insects to visit in Lockdown. NSW Statewide broadcast

2021 - Sydney, Olympians versus invertebrates. NSW Statewide broadcast

   ‘If I was Norman May I’d say the interview was Gold, Gold, Gold! That was so great please have her back’

2021 - Regional Western Australia, Insect Olympics

2021 - Darwin, Comics as educational tools

2021 - Central West, Inernational Bee Day

2021 - Brisbane, Insects and floods

2020 - Central West, How to deal with Bee stings

2020 - Central West, Backyard Science activities

NZ Radio interviews

24th May 2023 - Bee brains

2SER Radio interviews

03 May 2022 - Pollinators

2021 - Educational Comics

2021 - Covid-19 detecting bees

TripleRRR Radio interviews

2020 - 20 minutes 20 Phds

2021 - Impact of floods on insects

Council talks

2022 Parramatta Council - Bee Beahviour (Approx 20 people)

2019 Turramurra Community Garden - Bees in your garden (Approx 20 people)

Public talks

2023 - Animal Behaviour Live: Impacts of Phantom decoys on bees

2023 Royal Botanic Gardens - pollinator talk to 10 6 year olds

School Visits

2020 Baulkham Hills North Public School, Pollinator talk, 100 students, years 5-6

2023 Hurlstone Park Agriculutural School, International Women’s Day talk, 300 students, years 7-9

2023 Masada College: Speed mentoring in STEM, 20 students

2023 Google Career day

2023 Shoalhaven High School, Unearthing Science, 5 students